Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday, November 8, 2008

They come to play to win.

Glad the Gators have more continuity than I have.
So many opportunities to post incredible moments live. But alas I have missed them all.
So many asses kicked in the last few weeks.
So much accomplished.
As Tiebow scores his 40th career TD, against the Vanderbilt Commodores.
So much great execution.
So many defensive stops and takeaways.
So many times the name Brandon Spikes is praised.
Now talk begins of maybe Tiebow repeating as Heisman's standard.
And now the defense gets a pick. Gators have the ball.
And now his 41st.
The Heisman is not enough!
I'm gonna watch the game.
Love my Gators

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Wait Ends Hard at Neyland

We are either ready or the season possibly begins to fall apart this Saturday in Tennessee. The nation will be focused on the Gators knowing that the Volunteers aren't a national contender this season but not really realizing the depth to which this contest runs in the minds of the coaches and the players. This is the make it or break it game for the SEC Eastern Division early lead.
Unless you're a Gator or a Vol you don't get it.
It does not mean the end because many a choke has happened in the SEC during the final week or two of the conference season. And generally the result put one or the other in the SEC Chompionship.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sundays are for Digestion


Chomp, chomp.. 


Let me get that thing stuck between those bicuspids.........

Saturday, September 6, 2008

If at first you don't succeed ...

It's probably not worth doing.......
.........Homer Simpson.

I made this. For a fellow Gator friend. He painted the Gator above the mantel.

Whewwwwwww...we WON!!! Go Gators!

The Most Hostile Environment in all of College Football

Kirk Herbstreit, said it.
I've known it all along

The Swamp is:
"The Most Hostile Environment in all of College Football"

Yeah I knew that.

Now that that is cemented into College Football HDTV history, let the Gators Eat.
No one said they would be as hungry as the heathen crowd 90,000 strong that came to watch a feeding frenzy of unprecedented proportions.
I was on that bus back to Monty Trainers in Coral Gables when we last ate Ibus with roaring glee.
We beat them, them they went on to win the National championship. That was 35-23 on September 7, 1985. Damn that was a good night at the Old Orange bowl.
I am also very sure that very few watching the game realize the magnitude of the hatred between these two teams when there were yearly wars between two great traditions.
This could be a much closer than imagined contest.

Miami seems to realize it , they are playing with poise.

Wow. The Gators just stuffed a punt through the end zone for a safety,and Brandon James just brought one back for great field position with around fifty seconds before halftime and Urban Meyer is intense. Vincent Van Gator. talk about an intense MF.
But never forget, all you young gators that have never witnessed the carnage this game used to being played in, ........... Miami intense too. Very Intense. Last year will not happen again to the Hurricanes.
Miami has never been a three touchdown underdog before. That's an insult to a great football tradition, especially against the The Gators, or even the Seminoles.
Just wish Holtz would keep his piehole shut. Can't stand the little fucker.

URBAN!!! Tell them to.......EAT!!
Shut up Lou, slogbberin'olmalignantfart.
Well here goes the second half.
End of the third and it looks OK.
...........but tradition has it that Miami owns the fourth quarter against the Gators.......
I have seen us implode, spontaneously combust, rollover and play dead. I have seen every possible way the Gators can loose against the famous fourth quarter Hurricanes.

Touchdown! Oh yeah! Florida 16 Miami 3
And again .............. now 23 - 3,
w o o o e yeeeaaahh ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

And we get the ball back again.
Jesus, a touchdown called back for too few men on the line.
Thats one Urban will not like.....they better score again and make him forget for a little while.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

49 to zip so far

Where are we? If you are a true Gator, you'll know this spot.

Jeeze oweeze......slaughter.
The Gator ate!
That is all. For now.